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Unruly Bodies: Our Bodies In and Outside Social Norms

April 20 at 5:30 - Live Webcast Right Here

Panel Participants:
Angela Smith, Associate Professor, English & Gender Studies, University of Utah
Melissa Taylor, LMFT, CEDS, MS, Outpatient Clinical Director, Center for Change
Carol Berrey, artist
Kathryn E. Gibson, MD, Family Health Clinic, ARUP Laboratories

Sheryl Gillilan, moderator, Executive Director of Art Access

Our bodies are both private and public. Our bodies' shapes, sizes, habits, and movements define our most intimate moments, but they are also subject to public scrutiny and interpretation. The public and private aspects of our bodies are interrelated: when we internalize social norms and expectations for our bodies, these in turn affect our most private bodily experiences. This panel asks: What are current social and cultural bodily norms? Which kinds of bodies are seen as troubling or out of place? In particular, how are disabled or fat bodies policed and controlled, and how can we redefine and reclaim our bodies in the midst of such narrow bodily concepts? How can we reshape social notions of what is valuable, beautiful, and desirable?

Art Access is grateful to the Utah Women’s Giving Circle for their support of this project.

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